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Headteacher's Welcome


We warmly welcome you to our wonderful village school at the heart of our community.  I am pleased to introduce myself as the Acting Headteacher at Beenham Primary School whilst the Headteacher, Mrs Donnelly is on sabbatical leave until September 2025.  

We are all very proud of our small village school and the community it belongs to. The school has a strong family ethos that is underpinned by our core values of: independence, responsibility, confidence, co-operation, resilience and care.


Our school motto is: Valuing ourselves. Valuing everybody. Throughout the children's time at our school, we aim for them to develop an appreciation for and tolerance of others, whilst growing core personal values, which help them to know and understand themselves.


All who work at Beenham Primary School are ambitious for our children. We expect the highest quality in all our relationships, work and behaviour. Our school prides itself on having an outstanding understanding of our children and recognises that each child is an individual and learns in their own way. 


We believe that for our children to thrive, their safety and happiness is paramount and at the core of our approach. We want to develop successful learners who are curious, motivated, courageous and understand that by making mistakes they aid meaningful learning. We are passionate that all children should be given the opportunity to develop a love of learning that will continue into their next education chapter and beyond.


At Beenham Primary School, we believe that learning is the process by which children acquire and assimilate knowledge, concepts, skills, values and attitudes to enable them to make greater sense of the world.


Visits to the school are always warmly welcomed. Please contact the school office to make an appointment.


Miss Sophie McBean


'It's a small school embedded in a village community. The children meet others in their village and the parents get to know them too. This allows the children greater independence and safety as they go around the village. I think the values based learning is amazing. Taking responsibility and learning values is essential for life. The children have also got to do a great variety of activities and learning has always been fun.'

July 2021



We were quite nervous of how our timid, quiet son would get on at primary school. The change in him over the first half-term has been amazing! 

His confidence has grown so much, and he is really enjoying interacting with other students and taking part in

the class activities. The school provides a caring and nurturing environment that really suits him. 

We have been particularly impressed by the personalised attention he receives from his teachers.

We couldn't have wanted more for the beginning of his school journey.

October 2021