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Tala Class

Welcome to Tala class!


Tala Class Teacher: Mrs Cox 

Tala Class Teaching Assistants: Ms Saint, Mrs Stroud and Miss Lee


Our SUMMER term 1 topic is Sunshine and Sunflowers. 

In the Sunshine and Sunflowers project your child will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. They will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area. They will learn how to care for plants and animals, identifying some different types. They will take part in outdoor learning activities and find out how to stay safe in the sun.


Our SUMMER term 2 topic is Magnificent Monarchs. 

In the Magnificent Monarchs project, your child will learn about English and British monarchs from AD 871 to the present day and consider how the power of the monarchy has changed over time. They will study six significant sovereigns; Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II. Finally, they will choose which of the sovereigns that they have studied is the most significant.

Science - Push and pull

In this topic your child will learn about natural phenomena, including shadows, reflections and echoes. They will find out how shadows are formed and how they change shape and size through the day. They will explore how different materials and surfaces reflect light.


Science - Plant survival.

This project teaches children about growth in animals by exploring the life cycles of some familiar animals. They build on learning about the survival of humans by identifying the basic needs of animals for survival, including food, water, air and shelter.


Design and Technology - Push and pull

This project teaches children about three types of mechanism: sliders, levers and linkages. They make models of each mechanism before designing and making a greetings card with a moving part.


Design and Technology – Cut, Stitch and Join

This project teaches children about fabric home products and the significant British brand Cath Kidston. They learn about sewing patterns and using a running stitch and embellishments before making a sewn bag tag.


Art and Design - Portraits and poses

This project teaches children about portraiture. They analyse the portraits of Tudor monarchs and compare Tudor portraits and selfies today. They use photo editing software to create royal portraits.


PSHE - Relationships 

In this topic, Reception and KS1 are taught separately. 



Children are introduced to the key relationships in their lives. They learn about families and the different roles people can have in a family. They explore the friendships they have and what makes a good friend. They are introduced to simple strategies they can use to mend friendships. The children also learn about Jigsaw’s Calm Me and how they can use this when feeling upset or angry.

Learning about family relationships widens to include roles and responsibilities in a family and the importance of co-operation, appreciation and trust. Friendships are also revisited with a focus on falling out and mending friendships. This becomes more formalised and the children learn and practise two different strategies for conflict resolution (Solve-it-together and Mending Friendships). Children consider the importance of trust in relationships and what this feels like. They also learn about two types of secret, and why ‘worry secrets’ should always be shared with a trusted adult. Children reflect upon different types of physical contact in relationships, which are acceptable and which ones are not. They practise strategies for being assertive when someone is hurting them or being unkind. The children also discuss people who can help them if they are worried or scared.


PSHE - Changing Me

In this topic, Reception, year 1 and year 2 are taught separately. 

ReceptionYear 1 Year 2

Children are encouraged to think about how they have changed from being a baby and what may change for them in the future. They consolidate the names and functions of some of the main parts of the body and discuss how these have changed. They learn that our bodies change as we get older in lots of different ways. Children understand that change can bring about positive and negative feelings, and that sharing these can help. They also consider the role that memories can have in managing change.

Children are introduced to life cycles e.g. that of a frog and identify the different stages. They compare this with a human life cycle and look at simple changes from baby to adult e.g. getting taller, learning to walk etc. They discuss how they have changed so far and that people grow up at different rates. As part of a school’s safeguarding duty, pupils are taught the correct words for private parts of the body. They are also taught that nobody has the right to hurt these parts of the body. Change is discussed as a natural and normal part of getting older which can bring about happy and sad feelings. Children practise a range of skills to help manage their feelings and learn how to access help if they are worried about change, or if someone is hurting them.

In this Puzzle children look at different life cycles in nature including that of humans. They reflect on the changes that occur (not including puberty) between baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and old -age. Within this, children also discuss how independence, freedoms and responsibility can increase with age. As part of a school’s safeguarding duty, pupils are re-taught the correct words for private parts of the body. They are also reminded that nobody has the right to hurt these parts of the body, including a lesson on inappropriate touch and assertiveness. Children practise a range of strategies for managing feelings and emotions. They are also taught where they can get help if worried or frightened. Change is taught as a natural and normal part of growing up and the range of emotions that can occur with change are explored and discussed.



In Tala class, children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are taught maths separately. 

These are our maths topics for the summer term. 

ReceptionYear 1 Year 2
  • To 20 and beyond
  • How many now?
  • Manipulate, compose and decompose
  • Sharing and group
  • Visualise, build and map
  • Make connections
  • To 20 and beyond
  • How many now?
  • Manipulate, compose and decompose
  • Sharing and group
  • Visualise, build and map
  • Make connections
  • Fractions
  • Time
  • Statistics
  • Position and direction



In English, KS1 and reception are taught separately.


KS1 will be exploring the text 'Wombat Goes Walkabout' by Michael Morpugo.