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Tala Class

Welcome to Tala class!


Tala Class Teacher: Miss Holly Reid

Tala Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stroud and Miss Lee


Our topic for the Autumn term is Movers and Shakers


In our Movers and Shakers project, the children will learn about historically significant people who have had a major impact on the world. They will learn to use timelines, stories, and historical sources to find out about the people featured and use historical models to explore their significance.


Our geography topic is Let’s Explore the World. This project teaches children about atlases, maps and cardinal compass points. They learn about the characteristics of the four countries of the United Kingdom and find out why there are hot, temperate and cold places around the world. They also compare England to Somalia. Children carry out fieldwork, collecting primary data in their locality to answer geographical questions.


Our art topic is Mix It. This project teaches children about basic colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing. It includes exploration of primary and secondary colours and how artists use colour in their artwork. Our autumn 2 art topic is Still Life. This project teaches children about the work of significant still life artists and still life techniques. They explore a wide variety of still lifes and learn about the use of colour and composition. They create still life arrangements and artwork.


Our Design and Technology is Remarkable Recipes. This project teaches children about sources of food and tools used for food preparation. They also discover why some foods are cooked and learn to read a simple recipe. The children choose and make a new school meal that fulfils specific design criteria.


Our autumn 1 science topic is Human Survival. This project teaches children about the basic needs of humans for survival, including the importance of exercise, nutrition and good hygiene. They learn how human offspring grow and change over tie into adulthood. Our autumn 2 topic is Habitats. This project teaches children about habitats and what a habitat and what a habitat needs to provide. They explore local habitats to identify and name living things and begin to understand how they depend on one another for food and shelter.