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Music at Beenham Primary School



At Beenham Primary School we aim to make music an enjoyable learning experience. We encourage all children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build up their love of music, self- confidence and sense of achievement.


Through our scheme (Charanga Musical School) and topic work, pupils have the opportunity to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. 



Children across the school are taught weekly music sessions through a carefully planned and progressive music scheme. Like the Cornerstones Curriculum, we work on a 2 year rolling programme to ensure full coverage is maintained. 

Each unit the children cover,  comprises the of strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music:

  1. Listening and Appraising
  2. Musical Activities
    1. Warm-up Games
    2. Optional Flexible Games
    3. Singing
    4. Playing instruments
    5. Improvisation
    6. Composition
  3. Performing


Alongside Charanga, our Cornerstones curriculum also provides opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and skills within music.

We hold weekly singing lessons which enables children to learn to sing together and practice songs before performances.

All children will get the opportunity throughout the year to perform at various times including Harvest Festival, Christmas Productions, Class Assemblies and School Plays.


Our children in Torak Class have musical instrument lessons for a term provided by Specialist teachers from Berkshire Maestros.

We also offer the opportunity for children to participate in music lessons at the school which are taught by Specialist teachers, we offer our Pupil Premium the opportunity to participate in these too.