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Our children will experience high quality physical education, physical activity and school sport that will inspire them to participate in physical activity for the rest of their lives. We aim to shape our children into healthy, social, and active young people.

  • We intend to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our children for activity and sport.
  • We will allow our children to learn about themselves and enable them to talk the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle, self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect.
  • We will develop a range of important cognitive skills, such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork and communication.
  • We will support our children to develop their character including their resilience, confidence and independence – and knowing how to keep physically and mentally healthy
  • We will provide opportunities for our children to take part in both competitive and non competitive sporting events during their time at Beenham Primary School.


In Reception children will be introduced to a variety of activities which will be a positive and enjoyable experience. They will start to build their fundamental movement skills and learn how to work in their own safe space. They will be given opportunities to be active throughout the school day as part of classroom activities.


In Key Stage 1 children will be encouraged to improve their control and coordination and develop their movement skills. Children will be given many opportunities to develop hand-eye coordination using lots of different pieces of equipment and to follow instructions in simple games. They will be given opportunities to be active throughout the school day as part of classroom activities.


In Lower Key Stage 2 children will be given opportunities to play a wide variety of small-sided games and they will be encouraged to become more independent whilst still working as part of a small group or team in small groups to enable them to practise their skills in a broad range of situations.They will be given opportunities to be active throughout the school day as part of classroom activities.


In Upper Key Stage 2 children will be encouraged to use more specific language, they will be encouraged to create longer sequences of movements, focus on technique and take on more challenges including leading and coaching others.They will be given opportunities to be active throughout the school day as part of classroom activities.



At Beenham Primary School, we have chosen to provide 2 dedicated physical activity session for each class each week. The children recieve one session which focuses on developing each child, building on personal skills alongside physical skills. We have chosen to adopt the Imoves curriculum which provides high quality lessons which are progressive and sequential enabling the children to build upon prior knowledge and skills. The children will all participate in the following themed sessions throughout the course of each year:





The children also receive another session which allows them to develop skills and knowledge of different sports. We have specialist instructors who we use throughout the year to provide enhanced provision and learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

In addition to this dedicated time, some of our wider curriculum lessons provide the opportunity for physical activity to be taught. Our children also attend and participate in local sporting activities and competitions throughout the year. Our extra curricular timetable also enables children to participate in a range of different sports and activities often led by specialist instructors.


All of our children participate in the Daily Mile each day and have the opportunity to participate in organised activities and to use equipment at break time and lunch time.

The children in Reception and Key Stage 1 also receive an hour of instructor led outdoor learning once per week.


Impact so far

We have seen an increase in the number of children participating in both competitive and non- competitive sporting events in the last year. Children have attended Cross Country and Kwik Cricket fixtures. There has been significant improvement in confidence and attainment during swimming lessons across the whole school.

Fitness levels are improving with children demonstrating greater stamina during the Daily Mile. Children have enjoyed sharing their achievements in extra- curricular activities during our assemblies, children have shared:  golf score cards, swimming certificates, horse riding rosettes and cub badges.

We have also seen our links with local sporting providers and venues working beyond the school day, as many of our children have signed up for swimming lessons, dance classes, judo clubs, tennis lessons, scouting groups and football clubs who we have worked with over the past 2 years.