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Junior Duke


Children in the Mini and Junior Duke Awards complete a range of personal challenges including First Aid, learning to swim, cookery, domestic challenges, caring for others, puncture repair, washing the car, climbing a hill whilst carrying your own rucksack, polishing your shoes, making a sandwich, reading The Broons, making a presentation, playing Monopoly or chess and many other fun things!


Children complete one booklet per school year. Each child chooses seven out of the ten challenges in their booklet. When the child completes their seven selected tasks, he or she is awarded a certificate and badge to celebrate this fantastic achievement.  


Children complete the Junior Duke learning once per week with other members of their year group and a nominated member of staff. 


Micro Duke – Reception
Silver Mini Duke – Year 1
Gold Mini Duke –  Year 2
Bronze Junior Duke –  Year 3
Silver Junior Duke – Year 4
Gold Junior Duke – Year 5
Platinum Junior Duke – Year 6