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Torak Class

Welcome to Torak Class


Torak Class Teacher is: Mrs Edwards


Our Topic for Autumn 1 is: Set in Stone

Pupils will learn about the lives and legacy of early Britons and settlers, including those who lived during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Through this Unit pupils will have opportunities to consider how and why the ways of life adopted by prehistoric people slowly changed over time. They will need to know that these changes took place many thousands of years ago and that we cannot always be precise about dates in a prehistoric era.

Key questions that will be explored include:

· Who were the first people to live in the British Isles and how do we know about them?

. What differences did the development of farming make to the lives of early people?

· How creative were early people and what did they leave behind that we can see?

· What similarities and differences are there between the lives of early people and our own?


Our books this term are:

Torak Class Homework Grid