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Torak Class

Torak Class Teacher: Mrs Edwards

Torak Class Teaching Assistants: Mrs Paxford and Mrs Tobin


           Our topic for Spring Term 1 is: The Romans



This fascinating unit introduces pupils mighty Roman empire and it impact on Britain.

Pupils learn how Rome grew from a small city-state into a huge empire. They learn about the powerful Roman army and the role it played in conquering the tribes of Gaul, Britain, and Germany. Pupils also learn about the way of life that the Romans brought to Britain and the impact that it had on the British people. They learn about the different aspects of Roman life, some of which were cultured and sophisticated and others which were the brutal opposite!


Other learning for this term will include:

English – Narrative-A mystery story and Persuasive writing

Maths – Multiplication and division, area, and fractions

Science- States of Matter

Computing – We are Network engineers

RE - Theme: Jesus miracles:

PSHE – Dreams and Goals

MFL – French

Music- Lean on me

Art/DT- Roman Pottery

Our books this term will include:




Here is the homework grid for this term: