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Tundra Class

Welcome to Tundra Class


Tundra Class Teacher is: Miss McBean

Tundra Class Teaching Assistant is: Ms Saint


Our topic for Summer Term 2 is: A World of Pure Imagination


Join us in a world of pure imagination as we delve into settings and surroundings far from our own...

In this arts-based topic we will be exploring the countless possibilities that lie beyond our tangible world!


Our class novel will be "The Girl of Ink and Stars" by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.



Forbidden to leave her island, Isabella dreams of the faraway lands her cartographer father once mapped. When her friend disappears, she volunteers to guide the search. The world beyond the walls is a monster-filled wasteland - and beneath the dry rivers and smoking mountains, a fire demon is stirring from its sleep. Soon, following her map, her heart and an ancient myth, Isabella discovers the true end of her journey: to save the island itself.


In English, we will be dreaming up our own cracking contraptions and writing accompanying explanatory texts as well as creating our own poetry. Our art unit will explore prominent European artists such as Salvador Dali, Coco Chanel and Anselm Kiefer and we will produce various pieces inspired by the artists. 


Over the term we will also be writing, rehearsing and producing our own class production which will encapsulate the varied talents of the children of Tundra class!