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Every person at our school (including all staff) is placed into one of four houses: Morpurgo House, Zephaniah House, Tolkien House and Dahl House.


How are house points earned?

House points are earned throughout the year.

At the end of each half term, a prefect from each house will add up the Dojo points awarded to each person in their house, and these will be added to the totals.

Each half term, we hold an intra house sports competition, the points collected during this are added to the totals.

On Sports Day, the houses will compete in events and be awarded house points which again will be added to the totals.


What happens to the house with the most points?

The house at the end of the academic year with the most points will be awarded with a presentation of the House Cup with their coloured ribbons attached.


The winning house with the most points at each half term point is able to choose a treat.

This could be:

a Non-Uniform Day

a Pizza Party

a Cinema Afternoon or an idea decided by the whole team!


Winners this academic year:


Autumn Term 1:  Dahl House                  They chose to have a Cinema afternoon with popcorn.

Autumn Term 2: Dahl House                   They chose to have a Non Uniform Day.

Spring Term 1: Zephaniah House           They chose to have a Cinema afternoon with pizza.

Spring Term 2: Tolkien House                 They have chosen to have a Cinemas afternoon with Arts and Crafts

Summer Term 1:

Summer Term 2:


Overall 2021-22 Winners: