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The school expects every child to adhere to the following school dress code:


  • Grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or tailored shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Green/white gingham summer dresses during appropriate weather condition
  • Beenham Primary School jumper or cardigan with the embroidered logo
  • Black, grey or white socks or grey, green or black tights
  • Footwear – sensible black shoes - closed heel and toe. No long boots or open toes.


P.E. Kit:

All children are required to change their clothes for P.E. lessons for hygiene reasons. The clothing required for PE is:

  • Yellow Beenham Primary School T-shirt or plain yellow T- shirt
  • Green sports shorts/tracksuit or plain black leggings or joggers
  • The P.E. kit should be free from logos or offensive slogans
  • Black or white trainers/ plimsolls


Hair and Accessories:

  • Long hair must be tied up using a green, white, grey or black hair band
  • Plain gold/silver Stud earrings may be worn but must be removed, by the child, for P.E. lessons
  • Other jewellery is not permitted unless for religious reasons and with permission from the Headteacher
  •  No make-up or nail polish is to be worn
  • Hair should not be dyed nor have patterns shaved into it


Additional items:

  • School fleece


General Expectations:

  • Due to limited cloakroom space, children should carry their belongings in a Beenham Primary School drawstring P.E. bag or book bag – no other rucksacks/bags are permitted
  • All items of personal property should be clearly marked with the child’s full name
  •  Mobile phones and any items of value should not be brought to school and the school takes no responsibility for these items and are not covered under the school’s insurance policy

Please use this form to order uniform from Brigade via the school office